5 Brow Grooming Techniques for an Impactful Personality

5 Brow Grooming Techniques for an Impactful Personality

Can you express that feeling which comes soon after you get your eyebrows groomed? How do you feel when they are taken care of properly?

When your brows are perfect and freshly groomed, an incredible transformation happens: your smile gets bigger and gets even better when you deliver perfection to them with the Henna Brows. You stand there quite more confident. Have you ever done your brows and wondered how just one part of your beauty look has the capability to enhance or break your day? You will be surprised to know that all you need is some pocket magic products and a little brow care knowledge.

Let us learn some pro tips to know how the groomed eyebrows can be maintained?

  1. Tweezing with care

The first step in brow care is plucking. Never pluck your eyebrows, determine the shape of your brows, and then fill in your brows accordingly. Extract any hair strand that you feel is unwanted. Starting gently with the bun tweezers up and down, removing all the hair and making eyebrows even. Apply a cream or gel-based moisturizer to soothe the skin.

  1. Brush softly

The second step in brow care after removing any excess is brushing your brows. When you wake up in the morning or before work, grab a spool or a soft fine-toothed comb and start brushing your eyebrows. You can also apply some hairspray or hair gel on the brows to keep them intact for longer.

  1. Keep your brow area healthy

The third step in brow care is to apply SPF and exfoliate. This is the best practice to keep your skin clean, clear, and protected from head to toe. Next comes the brow care routine. It is very similar to the routine that you follow for the hair on your head. The area around the eye is very sensitive, so use a specific eye cream and gently massage the entire brow bone to hydrate and stimulate this area.

  1. Concealment of excessive growth

The fourth step in brow care is carried out by applying makeup. Well-groomed and strong brows give your makeup the perfect look. Your first thought might be that applying foundation or concealer over the brow bone area does wonders, but the brow area, as a whole, is a slightly different makeup game plan. It is necessary to use a good quality primer before applying any other product to smoothen the skin area. Finally, use a highlighter on the brow bone. It gives you an edge and enhances your makeup look.

  1. Use the right products to fill your brows

This last step in the brow care ritual can save you a lot of time, effort and money. Improve the shape of your eyebrows by maintaining them for months with eyebrow henna tint. It’s so easy that even beginners can dye their brows at home without supervision. This organic and natural brow color was created in such a way that a smooth and effortless application is guaranteed. Choose the right color for your eyebrows for a really natural look.

Some cool facts about eyebrows

  • Eyebrow hair has an average life span of about four months. Eyebrow hair grows slowest on the human body. Even if you follow all of the above eyebrow care steps, it would not affect brow growth, but only assure them health.
  • In ancient times, eyebrows were groomed as per the different cultures and races. Each culture had its own unique way of grooming
  • Facial care is a very old practice and the brows play a crucial role in shaping your personality. Therefore, the moment you start getting them groomed, you should start taking part in the traditional facial grooming practices as well.

Got something to add to the ways by which one can maintain the eyebrows? Feel free to write in the comments section below.

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