5 Ways to Add More Curb Appeal to your Home

5 Ways to Add More Curb Appeal to your Home

Curb appeal is the first thing people see when looking at your home. Sometimes, it’s the only thing they see. It’s essential to make sure you do all you can to ensure that your home looks its best from the street. Here are some ways to add more curb appeal to your home:

1. Spruce up landscaping

If there are plants you want but don’t have room for in your yard, consider adding them along the front of your property line instead. This is especially important if there isn’t much space in your yard for large trees or bushes that could block a view into the house anyway. Lawn care professionals can also help you decide which plants best suit your climate zone and soil conditions so that they’ll thrive no matter what time they’re planted! Also, adding artificial turf for the yard in Oklahoma City has become increasingly popular for homeowners who want to save money on landscaping costs. It’s also very easy to maintain and can be installed in any yard where the grass isn’t growing well.

2. Get rid of clutter

Often, the first thing people notice about a home is the amount of clutter on the outside. This includes things like old furniture in the yard and toys strewn about. Remove anything that makes your yard look messy, including old furniture and toys, tricycles and other toys for children, and trash cans. If your garage is full of boxes, consider renting a storage unit until you unpack those items. You’ll be surprised by how much better it feels to have an organized space!


3. Make repairs inside and out

A well-maintained, clean home will always draw interest from potential buyers. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but making repairs is an investment in your future. Even small repairs, such as replacing broken tiles or cracked windows, can make a big difference. Fix sagging fences and gates, replace cracked stucco or paint peeling trim, repair broken steps or decks and replace damaged gutters. 


Replace worn-out appliances with stainless steel models if you can afford them; otherwise, stick with white (or black) appliances that look modern without being trendy. Paint doors, window frames, shutters, or other exterior trim in bold colors like red or green — they’ll add interest without being too distracting from the main house color scheme.

4. Add some color and home exterior paint job

Painting your home’s exterior is one of the easiest ways to give it a facelift. A fresh coat of paint can make your house look new again and boost its value, especially if it’s been several years since the last time you painted it. Paint can be expensive if you hire someone else to do it for you — especially if you need multiple coats — but it’s easy enough for most homeowners to do themselves with a little research beforehand and some planning ahead of time. Clear out dead plants, weeds, and overgrown bushes if possible so that people can see past them when looking at your home from the street or sidewalk. 


Adding colorful plants or flowers will perk up any garden or flowerbeds in front of your house, making it look more attractive to potential buyers who may want to move into the neighborhood soon! You can also add some bright touches by hanging bird feeders or wind chimes near entryways or on porches or decks — these items will also attract birds and butterflies to stop by every once in a while!

5. Plant a garden

If you don’t have much green space, adding plants to your front yard can add a lot of curb appeal. When planting a garden, it’s essential to choose plants that are well suited for the climate where you live, and that will do well in your soil conditions. For example, if you live in a cold climate, don’t plant something like geraniums unless you plan to bring them inside during winter. 


If you don’t have much time or space to devote to maintaining a garden, consider hiring a landscaper instead — they’ll know what plants will thrive in your area and how best to care for them once they’re planted.


You can do many things to give your home a little boost in curb appeal. The key is to identify where you can make the most difference and give it some tender loving care. Your home is an important investment; you want it to look its best at all times. And these simple enhancements will do just that.