5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Simple and Elegant

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Simple and Elegant

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Planning for a fancy wedding is not easy and requires large financial muscles. Sometimes you might be getting married at a time when you are not in a position to gather a pool of resources for a luxurious wedding. However, with proper planning, you can have a simple and elegant wedding that will be memorable. You just have to prioritize the most important things. Here are five tips for a simple but memorable wedding.

Invite Few Guests


You may have attended a fantastic wedding with hundreds of guests and wished it could be you. It is normal to envy such a wedding and wish to have one, but what if your pockets cannot cover those costs? Here is some hope. You do not need hundreds of attendants for a fancy wedding. Cutting down your list to accommodate close friends and family is a great way to make your wedding affordable. A wedding is an intimate affair that only you and your partner should get the most out of, not hundreds of attendants. If you’ve invited members of your inner circle, you are good to go. A large percentage of wedding costs goes to catering for the attendants. Therefore, the less they are, the more manageable your budget will be.

Minimize Alcoholic Beverages


Serving too much alcohol might result in messy scenes at your wedding. Drunk attendees might ruin your moment and destroy expensive items. Accordingly, you should set a window for drinks and make sure they are regulated. In addition, this session should be after a great meal, preferably, when the wedding is over, possibly in the evening. To better manage the drinking session, hire certified bartenders who will keep the situation in control. Also, ensure that this window is short as possible. Go for soft alcoholic beverages such as wines and beers that are easier to manage rather than hard alcoholic drinks. This way, order shall prevail at your wedding.

Choose the Simplest Attire


You must remember that clothing does not have to be expensive to look good on you. It is how you design and put it on that matters. Sometimes, a tailor-made dress or shirt will look better on you than a designer attire. Enjoying such a romantic and intimate moment doesn’t necessitate rocking a gown or suit worth thousands of dollars. What matters is the joyous moment as you walk down the aisle with the love of your life by your side. Above all, ensure that the tailor understands your taste and what you need your attire to look like. It will cost you less, and you can channel the remaining funds to more important things that will improve the elegance of your wedding.

Focus on Things That Matter the Most


Ensure to have a detailed discussion with your partner to prioritize what matters the most in your wedding. It could be photo-shoot, a music band, meals and drinks, attires, and, or the venue. It’s okay to spend more on things that matter. Start of with making sure your wedding invitations look presentable. Look into an elegant wedding invitation for your guests that way you can initiate the suspense for your party. However, for the rest, keep the expenses as low as possible for the wedding to fit your budget. To successfully manage such costs, you can opt to do it yourself (DIY). For example, if you are great at baking cakes, you can bake your wedding cake to eliminate the cost of hiring caterers. Moreover, if you can do your make-up, you’ll save on the costs of hiring a make-up artist. Generally, identify what you can handle yourself and save on the costs of hiring people to do it. 

Consider the Venue


The venue you choose sets the tone for your day. However, it’s important to mention that a great venue does not have to be somewhere expensive or memorial. It just has to be at a place that reflects the joy in your heart. You can opt for a park or beach with great sunshine and some vegetation or flowers.