6 Proven Ways to Fix the Weak Cellular Signal Problems

6 Proven Ways to Fix the Weak Cellular Signal Problems

We don’t get any prior alerts or can predict the loss of internet connectivity. In such circumstances, we all make many attempts but there seems no way to internet connectivity. Such situations hamper communication, especially when it is about important client calls. 

There can be several reasons for inconsistent and weak signal strength. For example, it could be the signal-blocking material, weather, cellular tower distance, etc. But how to deal with cellular signal issues is the question. 

Hence, to prepare yourselves for such situations, we have come up with effective tricks. These will help you achieve better signal quality and overcome low connectivity issues. Besides, there are devices like DAS antenna cabling and mobile boosters from popular brands. You can install them for better coverage and cellular reception. 

Let’s begin!!

Solutions to Fix Poor Cellular Signal Performance

Install Signal Booster

Do you face network issues in your home or office now and then? 

The wire mesh or metal-like construction material could interfere with the signal transmission. Here, having a mobile phone signal booster comes as the ideal solution. It can amplify the cellular signal and rebroadcast to the requested device. However, its installation in the areas where signal strength is at its best is necessary.

Luckily, there are multiple and best manufacturers supplying good quality cellular signal boosters. They are affordable, easy to install and fit ideally to the space. 

Furthermore, the elements of the signal boosters work in collaboration to deliver stronger signal strength. Thus, assuring uninterrupted calls or text messages. The best part is these are compatible with almost every carrier and ensure flexible services. 

Switch to Wi-Fi Calling

Another quick and effective fix to the cellular signal problem comes with Wi-Fi calling. It can help overcome horrible internet connectivity with ease. If you stay at home and work from home at the same time, Wi-Fi calling can be a more reliable choice.  

It will ensure more clear and hassle-free cellular reception as compared to mobile data. There are still possibilities of connectivity lagging in rare situations. But overall, it is a great way to deal with bad cellular signals that impact your voice calls and internet browsing experience. 

Change Network Carriers

Another method you can consider to fix the cellular signal problem can be switching between the carriers. Remember not all the network carriers are designed equally. Some may provide better coverage than the other network carriers. Hence, it would be best to first find out the nearest cellular tower to your place and which carrier works best. Afterward, decide on switching to a network carrier. 

Check Your Mobile Device Network Settings

The mobile phone settings can be another cause of unreliable cellular signals. Here, you will need to consider some factors to check if it is the reason for your case. 

For example, if you are not receiving signals, see if your phone is not on airplane mode and cellular data is enabled. This is because such glitches can hamper the service. Besides, ensure both data and voice settings are receiving the signals from the correct network and nearest cellular tower. Keep the mobile device up-to-date as per the carrier’s releases. 

Try Femtocell

A femtocell or a microcell is a sort of access point for mobile signals. These are usually helpful in expanding the cellular service at a specific spot. It could be anywhere in the home or a commercial building. They are easy to connect to any router or network modem. Femtocells are compact and provide limited access to the Internet. However, it offers sufficient bandwidth and 5-bar connectivity for uninterrupted messaging, browsing, or making calls. 

Besides, they are capable of altering an existing network connection and making it more functional. It is best for those devices that require access to high-speed and reliable cellular signals and uninterrupted communication. 

Remove Any Signal Interfering Obstructions Nearby

There are multiple interferences like physical location, weather, and building materials that can impact the signal quality. In addition, the other electronic devices nearby create much signal obstruction. 

Though it happens very rarely. Mobile phone signals are usually the form of radio waves transmitted at a specific frequency range. Here, the electromagnetic waves of other electrical appliances interfere with the mobile data service. The reason is mobile devices get confused about which signal to transmit to which device. For this, it would be better to switch to a Wi-Fi router to avoid slowed text deliveries and internet connectivity. 


So, there are multiple and effective solutions when it comes to fixing weak cellular signal issues. It includes installing a Telstra mobile booster or one from other reputable brands. Also, you can try using a microcell. Besides, the above methods can be implemented to enhance signal reliability in the house or corporate office. 

We all hate poor network coverage and the only solution to this is to eliminate them. So, get all the possible solutions tried and incorporated for better call quality, improved browsing experience, and enhance communication.