7 Reasons That Support the Use of Electric Hand Dryers

7 Reasons That Support the Use of Electric Hand Dryers

Hygiene plays a critical role in our health. This is something we were reminded of following the outbreak of Coronavirus. How often we wash our hands, with what we wash our hands, and even how we dry them afterward – all of these questions were raised.

What we learned is that majority of people are handwashing incorrectly. Moreover, they didn’t know the importance of thoroughly drying their hands after handwashing!

Wet hands spread 1000 times more bacteria and microorganisms than dry hands. This also means that damp hands can more effectively transfer bacteria to touched surfaces. And that’s exactly how diseases are spread – through wet hands.

Fortunately, the advances in technology gave us a way to easily deal with such problems – we have hand dryers.

What is a hand dryer?

Simply put, a hand dryer is an electric device that blows hot air to dry the hands after handwashing. You may have seen one or two, in public places and places with high-traffic frequency such as airports, malls, hospitals, schools, stadiums, and so on.

Hand dryers were invented around 100 years ago, believe it or not! And since then, they have come a long way. Today, thanks to all the technology, we have these high-efficiency sensor-activated devices that can dry our hands in 10 seconds.

Now, that we know what a hand dryer is, we can discuss all the reasons why electric hand dryers should be used more often.

1.      Better hygiene and cleanliness

The first and number one reason why electric hand dryers should be used is better hygiene and cleanliness. As mentioned, drying hands properly is equally important as properly washing them.

Yes, you can wash your hands with soap and running water, but certain bacteria and microorganisms stay on your hands. And if you leave your hands damp, you create a perfect environment for them to spread. Germs and bacteria thrive in moisture.

Properly drying hands can stop the spread of infection, and that’s why electric hand dryers are very convenient. They are perfect for commercial and public use in hospitals, malls, schools, restaurants, and so on.

Electric hand dryers enable best hygiene practices, not only can they thoroughly dry your hands but they are also safe to use, as most of them are hands-free operated these days. So, you do not need to touch them to make them work, which is only a plus.

In addition to the best hygiene practices they ensure, they are also significantly less messy compared to. Paper towels generate waste and if not cleaned regularly, they can be very messy.

2.      Energy efficient

Most electric hand dryers are extremely energy efficient. Modern hand dryers are designed so that they use less energy. Some of those modern hand dryers can consume less than 25% of the power compared to their older counterparts. Still, that doesn’t take away from their efficiency.

It’s their design, highly efficient nozzles, and motors that allow them to be so efficient while consuming less energy. And less energy consumption means lower electricity bills and above all a greener planet.

3.      Eco-friendly

This leads us straight to the third reason why hand dryers are useful – they are eco-friendly and sustainable. So, less energy consumption means fewer chances of the emission of greenhouse gases, fewer chances of climate change, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Moreover, using an efficient hand dryer means less waste. Just as we mentioned, one hand dryer can replace many paper towels, dispensers, and waste bins. And as you already know, less waste equals a greener planet!

4.      Cost-effective

From all the above-mentioned points, you can already understand how cost-effective hand dryers can be. While the initial cost may seem hefty, hand dryers will certainly pay off in the future.

First, you will be spending less on energy bills, then you won’t have to waste money on constantly equipping bathrooms and toilets with paper towels, and paying for frequent cleaning services.

Moreover, electric hand dryers are durable and low maintenance, which only adds to their cost-effectiveness.

5.      Durability

The durability of the product is a very important aspect when looking to invest in it. With hand dryers, durability is something you don’t have to worry about. Most electric hand dryers can last between 7 to 10 years, depending on the frequency of use.

Generally, most hand dryers are specially designed for places with a high traffic frequency. This means that they can be used every day over 500 times and they will still work for 7 years.

So, if it’s durability you were questioning, you don’t have to any longer cause hand dryers are as durable as it gets.

6.      Less maintenance

Hand dryer maintenance is minimal compared to how long-lasting these devices are. Once you install them, you don’t have to think about them much, just let them do their job.

To be sure, every six months or more frequently if your hand dryer is in a particularly dusty environment, hire a professional who will clean the interior of your dryer.

As for the exterior of a hand dryer, just clean it gently and with a mild cleaning solvent regularly as part of your bathroom cleaning schedule.

7.      Improved user experience

Having hand dryers in your business bathroom can be very beneficial for business. Hand dryers improve the overall user experience. They are fast and efficient and they contribute to a clean bathroom environment.

No more waiting in line to dry your hands, which is something that particularly irked the customers.

Those are the 7 reasons that support the use of electric hand dryers. All in all, we can easily say that all these reasons are pretty valid. And based on everything we’ve learned about hand dryers, we can say that they are extremely useful devices that should be installed in every commercial and public facility.