Choose the best hair colour for you

Choose the best hair colour for you

Its Self-Pampering Time: Colour your hair to blonde, brown, red and what

We all deserve self-pampering. No? And when we undergo a surgical procedure, then we must not forget to pamper ourselves. And when you have undergone a surgical procedure like Hair Transplant in Punjab, then you must give yourself a little gift of enhanced looks. I have a suggestion for you. Colour your transplanted hair. Doesn’t that sound good?

So let us begin with the article:

Which hair colour to choose after a hair transplant?

Light Natural Brown

It adds a bit of ash to the golden hues. Since the nature of the colour is quite neutral, it works extremely well for all skin types.

Platinum Blond

Are you a blonde shade lover? Platinum is the lightest of all the blonde colours. The base colour which is used for it is: White or Yellow. To bring out the best results, coordinate with your colourist. Since the base for this shade to be used is yellow, please make sure you are using some Blonde

Toning Shampoo.

Champagne Blond

It is the same as you would have imagined. The extreme and intense hint of the champagne blonde is undetectable if the light does not fall on it. Those who are having fair skin along with light eyes are the ones who compliment the hair colour the best.

Macadamia Nut

Accept it or not, this hair colour looks so well on Kate Bosworth!

It has a little more golden tint than the platinum blonde. It does work extremely beautifully with skin. It complements your eye colour whether it is green, blue or hazel.

Dirty Blond

The darker base is used with the lightest highlights. The highlights done for it are of the deep blonde and the blond hue’s colour.


It hints towards a browny colour more than the red deadlocks. It is versatile at the same time. Have you seen the hair colour of the famous Hollywood actress Emma stone? The hair colour suits her because of her olive skin tone.

Strawberry red

If you are having a light skin tone like the famous actress Jessica Chastain, then strawberry red would suit you the most. If your skin is a little bit deep, then you must get the red hues along with the brown hints done.


The warm tones are used. This colour works extremely well for the person who are having dark colours and their skin is fair or has light shades of pink on it.

Beige Blond

The base used for it is dark and the highlights are extremely light. The skin tones ranging from medium to olive compliments this colour the most.

Final Comments!

Choose the hair colour according to your skin tone and the colour of your eyes. Make sure to contact the professionally best colourist who will promise you to cause less damage to your hair.

The main aim of getting the hair colour is to present the best of your looks and thus get happy. Your confidence should get a boost.