Batch Convert EML Files to PDF on Mac OS with Attachments

Batch Convert EML Files to PDF on Mac OS with Attachments

EML files save the data at a time in a single file format with attachments and are supported by selective email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. Due to space issues or any other factors, your data can be at risk. To protect the data from any mishaps, you can convert EML files to PDF. A PDF file is equipped with various advanced features that provide better security as compared to any other file format.

“How do I convert multiple emails to PDF on Mac?” If you are a user who has the same query then, you are at the correct blog. Here we will share the best and simple approaches that will help you to convert EML to PDF free on Mac devices. First, let’s look at the reasons that make PDF files the most opted file format.

Reasons to Convert EML File to PDF

A portable document format is a widely used file format by all users because of its various advanced features and the benefits it provides. Here we have mentioned a few of them for which users want to transfer EML to PDF.

  • PDF files can be encrypted to protect confidential data.
  • It can be used for legal documentation purposes.
  • The PDF format protects the data from unauthorized access and modification.
  • PDF files can be used on multiple platforms.
  • It is easy to share the data in PDF files as it is compact in size.

The aforementioned reasons make PDF files a most opted file format by Mac users. In the next section, we will share the methods to convert EML to PDF with attachments.

How Do I Convert Multiple EML files to PDF?

Many users desire to convert EML files in the safest manner possible. However, there are many different techniques to convert EML files to PDFs on the internet. The search is over because we have the most effective methods to convert EML to PDF with attachments. Below, we describe both approaches in more detail.

#Method 1: Using Thunderbird

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird on a Mac device.
  • Right-click on the ImportExportTools and select any Files and Folder.
  • In the next step, choose Export all messages in a folder.
  • Last, choose PDF as the file format.

#Method 2: Using Microsoft Outlook

  • Open Outlook and Sign in using the credentials.
  • Select all files and then navigate to the Menu option and choose the Save As tag.
  • Choose HTML as the saving file format.
  • Select the required location to save the resultant file.
  • Go to the Office button and tap on Save As.
  • Last, opt for PDF format to save the file.

Using these two methods, Mac users can convert EML to PDF free. However, One needs to be aware of the limitations that come along with this manual method.

Downsides of Manual Methods

The above shared manual method is easy to convert EML files to PDF. However, it is not a prominent solution because of the below-stated limitations.

  • Converting multiple EML files one by one is a time-consuming factor.
  • While using the manual method, data alteration can take place.
  • The manual method does not allow users to batch convert EML to PDF.
  • Users won’t be able to save the attachments separately.
  • Repetition of the same files can take place.
  • Data originality can be compromised.

To avoid these limitations, users can go with the professional Mac EML converter tool. It is a prominent solution or method that provides a safe conversion of EML to PDF.

#Method 3: Using Mac EML Converter

MacSonik EML Converter for Mac is the stand-alone utility to batch convert EML to PDF. This tool is inbuilt with various advanced features that help to provide easy and quick conversion of EML files. Users can convert the EML files to various other file formats and email clients with ease without any data alteration. It is the best tool that provides a 100% safe conversion of EML files.

Simple steps to convert EML file to PDF-

  1. Run the MacSonik EML converter on your Mac device.
  2. Select Browse and then add the single/multiple EML files, then click Open.
  3. Check the required EML files/folders from the left sidebar and click Next.
  4. From the Save As feature, choose PDF as the saving file format.
  5. Finally, hit the convert button to start the conversion process.

Advantages of Mac EML converter

  • This automated method allows users to bulk convert EML to PDF file format.
  • Users can save the attachments separately using this method.
  • It does not compromise the data’s originality and security throughout the conversion process.
  • Users can also convert EML to PST, MBOX, CSV, DOC, HTML, MSG, and other file formats/email clients effortlessly.
  • This method enables converting EML files of selective dates.
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In this blog. We have discussed some reliable and best-ever approaches to convert EML files to PDF on Mac. We shared both the manual and the professional approaches for converting EML files to PDF format. Along with explaining the reasoning, we have also talked about the manual method and its limitations. To overcome the limitations a professional method is much more reliable and provides a safe conversion of EML files. This is the most opted and preferred solution suggested by many experts and users.