Best Ways to Cook Sweet Potatoes

Best Ways to Cook Sweet Potatoes

Boiled sweet potatoes have long been a staple of sweet potato recipes. No matter if you want to make delicious oatmeal cookies, or go for the classic route and bake chocolate chip cookies, you will find that you can always use sweet potatoes in your cooking. These versatile, yet sweet potatoes make delicious additions to soups, stews, casseroles, and other dishes. As they are relatively low-calorie vegetables, they’re a great addition to any diet, particularly one where vegetables are part of your diet. There are few dishes in which you can use sweet potatoes that will have just as tasty as a result, yet are far lower in calories. With just a few simple tips, you can roast sweet potatoes in your air fryer and have tasty, nutritious, low calorie food.

Uses electric pressure cooker

If you have an electric pressure cooker, you can roast your sweet potato pieces with ease. You may find it helpful to use a pressure cooker that comes with a sweet potato element, but even an ordinary slow cooker can work well. Simply add water to the pressure cooker and bring to a boil, then turn the valve to medium high to bring the water to a boil and cook your potatoes according to package directions.

Important point while cook sweet potatoes

In general, you should keep an eye on the cooking time, as sweet potatoes usually cook fast. You should also be sure to keep an eye on the bottom of the pot and try to avoid dropping water on the bottom of the pan as this will cause the potatoes to stick together and keep cooking more slowly than you’d prefer. The top tip that you’ll want to keep in mind is to never allow the sweet potato pieces to boil for longer than about 2 minutes. As previously mentioned, you should always be careful around the edges when it comes to dropping liquids on the bottom of the pan. The top tip is to keep all this in mind when it comes to boiling sweet potatoes, because otherwise they can end up looking like mush.

Keep in mind while cook a sweet potatoes

Airtight bags help to prevent the loss of moisture in sweet potatoes, but it can be tricky to find the right size bag. For example, the bags that say “baked” on them may not actually be sealed air tight. Baked sweet potatoes should be kept in an air-tight glass baking dish, which is the perfect size for baking. Keep in mind that baking is going to increase the moisture in the air, so it’s important not to overfill the dish or the baked sweet potatoes could be overcooked.

Crispy frozen sweet potatoes

A recipe for fried crispy frozen sweet potato fries in an fryer This recipe uses a sweet potato that has been cut into wedges, rolled in breadcrumbs, and deep fried. An onion, Canadian bacon, eggs, salt, and pepper to taste are needed for this recipe. The recipe for fried crispy frozen sweet potato fries in an air fryer. This recipe for fried crispy frozen sweet potato fries in an air fryer.

Another good idea boiled sweet potato

Another good idea for getting maximum flavor out of your potatoes is to steam them. Boiled sweet potato pieces are best when they have been cut into wedges and tossed in olive oil for about ten minutes. Drain off the excess oil, and place the pieces in a baking dish. In fact, this is also a good idea to use while you’re making mashed potatoes – drain them first, then let cool on a wire rack, and put them in an airtight container. Use a food processor or blender to puree the potatoes for maximum flavor.

Remember while roast potatoes

Alternatively, if you really don’t want to roast potatoes until they’re fully cooked, you can puree them instead. Pureed potatoes can be good in a variety of soups, stews, and chili, and they’re even good in a batch of chowder in the winter. Simply drain them, add a few drops of liquid such as chicken broth or vegetable oil, and simmer for about twenty minutes to puree the chunks. When cooking sweet potatoes in a cast-iron pan with butter or vegetable oil, remember that they will stick to the pan, so be sure to move them around periodically to avoid burning. A trick that you might find useful is to dip your fingers in flour and then try to spread the flour onto the sweet potato chunks to keep them from sticking.

Quick and easy way

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make mashed potatoes, consider grilling or baking them instead. You can grill sweet potatoes in a cast-iron skillet or on hot outdoor grills, and they will be warm and delicious before you know it! Alternatively, baking them is a great way to get nice and crispy potatoes in a hurry. Just mix some flour, milk, and salt to make a simple paste, then place the potatoes in your oven and bake them on 350F for about ten to fifteen minutes. Or, you can use a stovetop BBQ sauce and brush the top with olive oil before putting the potatoes in the oven.