Interesting Facts About the Upcoming World Cup

Interesting Facts About the Upcoming World Cup

The World Cup is an international soccer tournament that is scheduled to take place every four years. The tournament was first held in Africa in 1994 but has been repeated in Asia, Europe, and North America. This means that there is always a possibility that another team might win against one of your favorite teams and qualify for the tournament.

World Cup

Every four years there will be a World Cup which takes teams from all around the world and makes them play games in special venues. The teams playing in the tournament all have fans who follow their progress. The stadiums that are available for the upcoming world cup are mainly because of previous hosting of such fixtures. These venues are good enough to host the matches but they do not have everything that a venue would need to successfully hold a match. Two of these stadiums have been built and are set to host the matches.

Johannesburg & Durban International Stadium

Johannesburg International Stadium and Durban International Stadium are both set to be used for the matches. These two stadiums are both situated in the cities of Johannesburg and Durban respectively. The stadiums have received criticism because of the low amount of revenue that the host countries receive. The lack of revenue has forced FIFA to look for innovative ways in order to increase the amount of revenue that can be generated by hosting the prestigious competition.

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One interesting fact about these stadiums is that they were built before the world cup was started. With the world cup being a successful event, many FIFA officials realized the importance of expanding the options available for host nations. stadiums were built so that they can hold large crowds during the event. With the large number of stadiums available, the teams that do not have their own accommodation will have to look for accommodation options outside the country.

Fan zones

During the forthcoming tournament, there will be fan zones established in each city. Fan zones are exciting areas where the fans can congregate during the matches. These fan zones will allow fans to stay warm during the winter months while the team that is representing their country gets to compete in the world cup. Some of these fan zones may well feature retail outlets, food courts or even television sets.


FIFA has recently approved the construction of two new stadiums that will be used in the upcoming world cup matches. stadiums which have been approved by FIFA will feature luxurious facilities. Two of these luxurious stadiums are Durban International Stadium and Johannesburg International Stadium. Both of these stadiums are approved by FIFA and have been designed by renowned architects. The luxurious facilities being offered by the host nation is highly appreciated by the people of Brazil and the United States.

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The other interesting fact about the upcoming world cup matches is the number of games that will be played during the course of the tournament. More than twenty games will be played during the course of the tournament. FIFA requires that the matches are played on a regular basis so as to increase the interest in the tournament. The matches are scheduled to be played between the groups that are based in Africa. Two teams from Asia will be playing in the group B and this will be followed by the group C which will include European teams.

Tournament is scheduled 2021

The date for the first game of the tournament is scheduled to be held in 2021. The first game will take place in Morocco, while the final game will be held in South Africa. The venues that have been mentioned so far are the usual venues that are used by the hosts for the event. The schedule and the dates for all of these events are subject to change.