Helpful Bedding Aids for Your Elderly Ones – Check Out Now

Helpful Bedding Aids for Your Elderly Ones – Check Out Now

As humans, everyone requires sleep because it is not only restful but also revitalizing. Elderly people compared to youngsters spend more time in bed. This is simply due to the fact that with age comes a number of health issues. Medical disorders can make it challenging for one to sit up, turn over, get in, get out of bed, and more. On the other hand, innovation has not left us empty-handed. 

Sleep is essential for health – it is important to make sure that the bed does not pose a risk to safety or one’s ability to obtain a good night’s sleep. However, guessing you are here because you have an elderly person at home who is having trouble sleeping at night. 

As someone who takes care of him/her, it can be utterly challenging for you as well. In that case, you are suggested to check out a few bedding aids, that can be of great help. 

  • Add Overbed Lifting Poles

One of the first things that you can add to your elderly one’s bedroom is Overbed lifting poles. This bedding aid is designed to make it easier for you to move around in bed. Besides that, it assists in getting into a nearly lying positing or getting in and getting out the bed. 

The lifting poles are usually attached to the floor standing, bed, or wall. This item not only maximizes flexibility or stability but also ensures comfortability besides bringing independence into one’s life. Additionally, the overbed lifting poles also bring aesthetic to the interior of the room.

  • Enhancing Safety with Grab Handles and Bed Rails

Another item that can be installed on the walls, bed, or floor is the grab handle. These make it easier for the elderly ones to sit up, turn over and move around. On the other hand, the bed rails help in stopping elderly people from rolling out of the bed in the middle of the night.

It does not matter what is the size of the bed, the grab handles and rails can be easily installed. As they have an ergonomic design it makes it better for the elderly ones to grasp for stability and ease of movement. 

  • Keep them Warm and Dry 

For people who are elderly or are living with disabilities – there is no doubt that incontinence can be difficult for them. Maintaining a clean and dry bed is not just a matter of hygiene but also keeping problems at a bay that comes with incontinence at. Though there are many options to deal with incontinence, the best thing one can do is use Incontinence Pants For Men

This can help to avoid investing in a costly mattress. When you use Incontinence Pants For Men, it not only helps to maintain hygiene in the bedroom but everywhere around. These create an absorbent barrier that protects the clothing, furniture, and bedsheets. Additionally, these are both practical and discreet in nature besides being an affordable solution.

  • Use Practical Sheets 

People with disabilities or who are elderly can benefit from bedding aids like bed sheets that zip up on both sides. These sheets make it simple for them to transfer into the bed or swing into the sheets and then zip it up according to their comfort level. This somehow makes the bed substantially less difficult for people with restricted movement because it doesn’t require tucking. 

It can be zipped and then unzipped as and when required. The best part is that these days there are waterproof bed sheets available that keep one dry, warm and clean. These sheets are breathable and protect the mattress from getting wet or damaged. Also, it is less hassling for the caretaker as they do not have to change the sheets every two hours. 

  • Attaching Rope Ladder

The next bedding equipment that can be added is the Rope ladder. This is used to pull oneself up into a sitting position and is usually fastened to the bed frame, the footboard, or the feet at the end of the bed. When an elderly lies down, he or she should be able to reach the first rug. 

However, to avoid injury, what one needs to keep in mind is that one should firmly fasten it so that the rug does not come off when someone pushes on it. If not, then this can cause serious accidents. Apart from that, if the rope ladder has a plastic rug on it, then remember to test them yourself to ensure that they are not slippery at all.

  • Adding Comfortable Pillows 

Last but not the least, make sure to add comfortable pillows to the bed that your elderly use to ensure they get a good night’s sleep. For instance, using a neck cushion can be a great choice for someone who has back or neck pain. 

This would provide additional head support and also alleviate pressure points. On the other hand, Pillow elevators are a fantastic way that elevates the head, neck, or knees to enhance blood flow to those areas Keeping the seriousness of the health of your elderly in mind, make sure to get the right one that brings comfort to them.

Time to Make Your Loved Ones Live and Feel Healthy 

When you have a close person living with you who is physically challenged or elderly, it can be devastating at times to take care of them. This is simply because there are others things that you might want to handle. However, to make things simpler, it is very much suggested to rely on the bedding equipment from platforms like ours at Essential Aids. 

Be it waterproof bed sheet ,  bed assists, bed pans, or any other mobility aid – we have a variety of items available. Our products are tested and designed to bring efficiency. All you need to do is pick the right one that makes living easier and more independent.