Hire the Right Android Developer to Create a Remarkable Mobile App Experience

Hire the Right Android Developer to Create a Remarkable Mobile App Experience

In 2021, the number of smartphone users is over 6.2 billion. And more than half of mobile traffic is primarily dependent on apps. And this huge app market is mostly dominated by only one platform, Android. According to global statistics, Android accounts for more than 74% of the overall OS market share.

You can imagine the level of competitiveness in the Android app market. And in this cut-throat competitive field, finding the right app developer to develop a remarkable app that stands out, is a very hectic task.

But before jumping into this field, you need to know something. Creating a remarkable app is not enough for it to be successful. You need to hire marketing professionals and invest more than 40% of your developing budget in marketing. Your app may have amazing UI/UX and amazing features but without a proper marketing strategy, it may fail.

If you are running health recruitment agencies, and want to build an android app for that, check out the complete post.  Before you invest your budget in hiring, here are some points that you need to consider before hiring android app developers.

How to Hire the Right Android App Developer for your Business?

Follow these simple steps so that you can hire the best android app developer for your business.

1. Ensure the Skill Level of the App Developer:

Before you hire an app developer for your business, you must assess the skills he/they got. Are they competent enough to build all the features and functionalities you require for your android app? They must have professional knowledge and experience in app building.

There is one way you can ensure the skill level of app developers. Visit different online sites and look at the reviews and ratings the developers have got for their previous services. See if they are specialized in creating android apps. Check out their portfolios to see what successful apps they have built for businesses before.

If you want to hire just an individual developer, then visit freelancing websites like Upwork/Fiverr. There you can check the reviews and portfolios of different developers. You can also contact them to measure their skill sets before you are ready to hire.

Asking for the portfolios of the developers provides the most important start of hiring the right android app developers.

2. Design the Right Android Framework for the App:

There are plenty of android frameworks available on the internet. How amazing your application will depend on how well your app’s framework is designed by the developers.

An android app developer who has a basic level of conscience in developing applications should be aware of frameworks. Those apps that are mainly business-oriented need to build a framework that must have all the important APIs.

API stands for Application Programming Interface that allows different devices to access database, server software, and information through a set of rules.

API allows app developers to quickly write codes for android devices solutions.

A framework must contain all the necessary tools to design the User Interface like buttons, text designs, systems, etc. APIs are the interface of codes that reside in the library. App developers can access those libraries to search code information according to their needs. An android app developer should focus on utilizing these APIs to create an amazing profit-generating application for your business.

3. Ask them to Show their Complete App Development Process:  

This is the way to know about the procedure or methodology they follow to develop apps. Most developers have their preferences. It is your responsibility to make sure your developers that the primary goal is making profits and the app is going to facilitate the process.

It is very beneficial if your developers can work according to your vision of the business. First, identify the vision, then strategize the whole development process. After that, they must design and develop the application according to your requirements. And finally, deliver the application. Every app developer should follow this ideal procedure.

An experienced android app developer will always come up with some interesting features that if you add to your application, will surely benefit you in the business. They can also suggest some revenue-generating models in the identification process.

4. Their Approach in Delivering a Good User Experience:

User experience is by far the most important factor to decide whether your application will succeed or not. Of course, you will include different features and functionalities to decorate your user interface and attract new users.

But the problem comes when your developers overdo it. Adding too many features will over-complicate your apps and add a negative user experience, which you can’t afford. An app should be rich in features but it must be kept simple in use. Your developers should focus on how to deliver solutions that your users are looking for, simply. Simplicity elevates user experience.

If your app developer knows how to maintain a balance between features and user experience, he is the perfect one.

5. Keep you Updated Throughout the Whole Development Process:

As an owner of the business, it is your responsibility to keep track of the processes the developing team is working on. But as you can be busy with your schedules, your developing team must keep you updated in every stage of development.

Any experienced developer will love to work hand to hand with the business owner throughout the development process and deliver the best application for his business.

In today’s modern world, cloud-based project management can do wonders to help you build effortless communication between the owners and the developers.

6. Their Submission Process:

In the submission process, the developer company must submit the app on the android app store. As submission of the apps is a very exhaustive process, the development company should take the responsibility to submit them.

Make sure they take full responsibility from creation to the submission of the app.

Final Thoughts:

It has never been so easy to find B2B or B2C organizations to develop remarkable android applications. But now you can find plenty of them. It takes a few hours of deep research and you are good to go. They will help you build a remarkable app for your health recruitment agencies too.