How To Choose A Video Paywall For Your OTT Platform?

How To Choose A Video Paywall For Your OTT Platform?

Video paywalls are a core part of any subscription service. It is the most efficient way to turn non-paying viewers into paying subscribers. But, do you know how many types of digital paywalls exist, exactly? What features should a video paywall have for your OTT platform? How to choose the best paywall solutions? If No, don’t worry! This blog has everything you will need about OTT Paywall.

First, let’s see the statistics here:

  • In 2022, revenue in the OTT Video segment will reach US$275.30 billion.

  • OTT Video Advertising is the most integral part, with a market volume of US$180.40 billion in 2022.

  • By 2027, the OTT Video segment will have 3,508.0 million users.

  • User penetration will be 35.7% in 2022, continuing to rise to 44.1% by 2027.

  • In 2022, the OTT Platform’s average revenue per user (ARPU) will be US$101.20.


So, What Exactly is Video Paywall?

A paywall is a method of restricting digital content access. You must pay a fee to access what’s on the other side, either a one-time fee or a recurring subscription. Videos behind paywalls are generally ad-free, so you can focus on product quality rather than click count. This configuration can enhance the user experience and foster a stronger relationship with your audience. Furthermore, people are more likely to pay for content that they cannot find elsewhere for free. 

Video paywall solutions, in general, allow you to transform your content into a premium digital product. That is why they are so important in monetizing your online content. 


What are The Different Paywall Models?

OTT Paywall Services are classified into two types: hard paywalls and soft paywalls. Both terms refer to the various levels of access provided, with “soft” paywalls providing greater control over how content gets distributed and accessed.


  1. Hard Paywalls

A hard paywall prevents visitors from accessing all content on a website until they pay. There may be a summary or teaser available, but that is all. This model is uncommon, with only about 3% of news organizations using it.


  1. Soft Paywalls

Soft paywalls, also known as leaky or porous paywalls, are a model in which paid barriers are enforced conditionally. They are less rigid and provide you with a wide range of options.


Soft paywalls are classified into three types. They are as follows:


Freemium paywalls: The freemium model allows you to grant access to some content while keeping premium material behind a paywall. The goal is to establish trust through free content while enticing users to pay for premium content that offers more value and in-depth information.


Metered paywalls:  With a metered paywall, you can provide some content for free while prompting users to pay once they reach a certain threshold. An example of this would be an online news site that provides a limited number of free articles before requiring users to subscribe.


Dynamic metering paywalls:  Dynamic metering is technically a subset of the metered model, but it deserves its own section. The required payment is adjusted dynamically based on the individual user. A script on the website tracks the visitor’s usage and tailors the offering to their specific preferences.


Key Considerations When Choosing a Video Paywall Service for Your OTT Platform


White-Label: Ensure that there is no other company’s branding on the paywall or customer receipts. When using a white-label streaming service, customers will only see your company name and logo.


Security: Ensure that your paywall video streaming is secure enough to keep all sensitive information private.


Multiple Currency Support: Your streams are accessible from anywhere in the world. Multi-currency support automatically speaks to users directly, increasing sales.


Multiple Language Support: People speaking a language other than yours can now access your streams, allowing for audience growth.


Schedule Pricing: Offer a discount for early purchases, charge more after a specific date, or set a time for sales to begin. This feature incites excitement and the fear of missing out (FOMO) to encourage early purchases.


Video Preview: Show your customers a preview of the video content you’re selling to give them a taste of what they’re getting.


Terms of Service: Make money from your terms by including custom terms of service agreements for buyers. It allows you to protect yourself from legal threats while ensuring you’ve met all legal requirements.


Summing Up


To sum it up, the best OTT solutions must be approached differently than ad-based paywall solutions. Therefore, you will need a paywall solution provider to help you launch and grow your subscription paywall service. Fortunately, VPlayed has extensive experience in helping clients build profitable online video platforms. Once it’s in place, you can use ad-free content to grow your business and enhance your relationship with your viewers. So, if you’re ready to give paywall video hosting a try, we can help.