Install A Router If Your Internet Is Slow

Install A Router If Your Internet Is Slow

Some problems of the internet are non resistible: Even a Wavlink router is not looking like that beneficial. We are able to help you in the same way as we are up with a lot of tips on the router and extender setup. So feel no worry take a look at the full article.

What is The Necessity Of A Wavlink Device?

The Internet is not life but it is kind of a boring day without the internet. However, it is unpredictable when it starts to crawl or when it behaves sluggishly than expected. VPN or Web Interface could also be a culprit sometimes. But, we are here to help with a specific number of troubleshooting tips. Or you can use the Wavlink router Setup tips for easy peasy Setup.

There Are External Interference

There are many iPhone, iPad and other Gadget users these days, which can be a problem or might be an electronic interference for other device users. By some other devices. Try to cut out the interference at the same time to make the internet connection faster.

Plug the wireless WiFi. If your internet connection is sluggish then find a way out to resolve the issues. Otherwise, we suggest plugging a modem directly to your desktop.

Cut Off Bandwidth Breakers On Wavlink Extender

Users mostly take off the bandwidth space of others and can make the internet connection slow. Freeloaders will also do the same if, You are unable to open the protection of your WiFi networks.

  • So we advise all the homeowners to protect the routers by the respective access point.
  • If the WiFi networks of your houses are automated then it is important to keep them safe. The devices which use bandwidth are likely to make them less automated.
  • In case you still feel helpless like, not working. then try to Setup the extender.

Wavlink Extender Setup using WPS Method

  1. Here to start with the process, turn on the power socket after plugging the wavlink extender into it.
  2. Hold on the WPS button of the extender.
  3. After doing that, Wait for some seconds, and then press the WPS button on the router.
  4. The LED signal lights of the extender will turn to blue to indicate the WPS connection is successful.

Change The Settings of The WiFi Router

If you have a WiFi router then, try to only change the channels settings of your router.

Most of the router broadcasts the same WiFi signals. On some routers, you need to choose the channels specifically from 1 to 11. This might be very simple as checking the wireless channels networks and choosing one that’s not in use. To change the WiFi wireless channel Of The Router:

  • When you are up for changing an IP address open the internet browser and type in the address bar. This step will only help in reaching the router’s configuration page. From where you can easily change the network name SSID, Wavlink router password, or wireless encryption settings.

The Software Updation Is Necessary  

If you focus on the performance and security of the router then it is more important to focus on the stability of the router as well, than updating your router. Though, A new router might install software updates manually. All the routers have different configurations which takes some time to update the software. To access WiFi settings, Enter the router’s IP address in any phone to access WiFi settings.

Computer health can affect internet connections. A definite problem will be caused by spyware and viruses. Adding up the computer programs, will regain the space in the hard disk and running computer programs.

Spyware And Heavy Viruses

Viruses and malicious bugs can be the most frequent causes of poor Internet performance. As the spyware works in making your system slow by entering into your browser and monopolizing the connection.

You can lose the connectivity if the issue gets severe. These bugs monitor the keystrokes, which adds in delay. The problem will compound the spyware program when the other programs will be running simultaneously.

Viruses in the computer will cause poor internet connection and bad internet performance also, Which will lead to breaking the internet connection bandwidth at any cost. So, it is good to run antivirus software.

Old computers can also affect internet connections for sure: If you add on the computer programs, then it will start to regain the space in the hard disk and run the computer programs slowly.

Browser Add-Ons

  • Browse Multiple programs such as, Search bars and many media add-ons that mostly appear on your toolbar. Therefore, it can add a rich browsing experience.
  • By offering specialized document viewing, multimedia. Web browsers need a certain amount of computing memory to run the disk space efficiently.
  • The first you see the web browsing page. It gets downloaded and then saved to temporary disk files.
  • Finally, the computing power of the internet explorer can cause delay while running the other programs.

Hopefully The Reset Will Help

Getting errors after trying those tips, don’t worry. In this case, we suggest that once, try to use the reset button of the router which is mostly presentable at the back of the router.

  • See it is a very simple process you only need to take a pin like thing.
  • Just press it hard in that hole, and wait now.
  • As this process takes a little time to restart.
  • At Least waiting for 15-30 seconds is necessary.
  • After waiting for a specific period of time you need to power up the devices again.
  • Check whether there are lights on the router and the extender.
  • Probably, If the extender blinks blue light then it is a signal of a strong connection.
  • Although, if there are any other signal lights like: Red or Orange then there is a signal of bad or a poor connection.
  • So use the above tips carefully if you are still having any problem.


We hope the tips which are given in the article are enough to troubleshoot the issues of slow internet. If not then you can use the tips of Wavlink Extender Setup to solve the issues regarding it easily.