The Latest Movies on Netflix – Part 3

The Latest Movies on Netflix – Part 3

You don’t have to wait until the summer to catch the latest movies on DVD or Blu-ray. You can also purchase them in advance of its release date and enjoy a copy of your favorite film whenever you like. When it comes to current popular movies, there’s no more favorite than Twilight and The Hangover, both directed by Mike Myers. Now the second installment of Myers’ series will hit stores in September and is already getting the attention of movie fans everywhere.

First film as Holly Golightly

The Hangover sequel stars Jason Statham, Matt Damon, and Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston was in the first film as Holly Golightly and the second as Rachel on Friends, so it’s pretty easy to guess that she’ll be back as a leading character in the new movies. With a new series director in place, the expectations are sky high for the release date. For those who missed out on the first movie, fear not because the follow up will pick up where the first left off.

TV series

If comedy is your thing, there’s no better TV series to watch than The Comedy Shop. Created by and starring Seinfeld’s creator Jerry Seinfeld, this long-running sitcom about a shop where you can find just about any kind of merchandise, including clothes, shoes, books, toys, clothing, and more can only be seen on television. Seinfeld was an early fan of this show, and he worked with its writer to create an ending that was never to be found on this show, but has been widely enjoyed by viewers ever since its release. If you love Seinfeld, this is one of the best latest movies to get.

Best recent movies

Another one of the best recent movies to come out is The Informant! Directed by David Fincher (The Game, Sea biscuit, and Zodiac), this science fiction thriller stars Brad Pitt as a computer hacker who must protect America from a group of hackers. There are a number of upcoming movie trailer surprises coming out just a little bit ahead of the official release date, so mark your calendar and get ready to enjoy the summer in style.

Oscar for Best Picture

One more of the must see movies is called The Informant! Starring opposite Matt Damon and directed by Steven Solder Bergh, this high profile drama starring Damon as a corporate lawyer who gets recruited by an informer to help put a stop to a massive bank heist. While The Informant may not have won the Oscar for Best Picture, it did become a very successful movie, and received a number of positive reviews from critics.

Hurrahs of the 90s

Finally, if you want to catch the last hurrahs of the 90s before all of the new shows and movies begin streaming to your computer, then look no further than The Game. In the vein of Scarface and Good fellas, this series chronicles the life of a young man from a broken family as he works to find his place in the world. The Game also stars Michael Gambon as a drug dealer who runs the show. This movie was critically acclaimed and received many awards, including the Oscar Winner for Best Picture.

last flicks of the year

If you missed the boat with The Informant! but are interested in catching the last flicks of the year before the holiday season comes rolling in, then now might be the time to catch some of the overlooked films. Based on the book by Aaron Sorkin, The Circle is a complex, psychological, and beautifully written film about the last days of the World Trade Center. Though not considered by many to be among the best movies of the year, The Circle is nonetheless worth the time and effort because of its amazing cast, and richly imagined plot.

Netflix streaming service

Finally, if you feel like watching something with a little more weight and drama than the average comedy or drama, then The Informant! is a great choice for a Netflix streaming service pick. Directed by David Fincher, the film stars Michael Caine, Christopher Wilken, and Ed Harris along with a few others. The film follows an undercover CIA agent (Caine) who becomes suspicious of a group of terrorists planning to hijack an airplane. While doing so, he ends up catching and killing the ringleader which prompts the group to turn against each other, forming a unique group of terrorists that captures and interrogates the unsuspecting CIA agent