PMP Career Opportunities in 2022

PMP Career Opportunities in 2022

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the need for competent Project Managers will exceed 88 million by 2027. What do you think are the job responsibilities of a Project Manager? You would have considered many things, from coordinating teams, constantly reminding deadlines and assigning tasks to the team, among many other things. Yes, you are right, but you may have missed a few more things we will tell you in this blog.    

  • Why become a Project Manager? 
  • All about PMP Certification 
  • Different Project Management Job roles and average salaries
  • Skillset you need to be a successful Project Manager 
  • Conclusion

Why become a Project Manager? 

Worldwide, every industry requires Project Managers today to excel in their business. Organisations want Project Managers to bring business value to them. A study by PWC reveals that more than 97% of organisations worldwide believe that Project Managers are crucial for their business growth. If you enjoy problem-solving, this may be the profession for you. Project Management provides excellent career potential as well as one of the top pay scales in the world.  

A Career in Project Management is one of the most rewarding careers and holds potential growth in the upcoming days. According to Glassdoor, firms pay an average annual wage of $50,660 to skilled Project Management Professionals (PMP). You can increase your potential to land your dream project management job by obtaining the globally recognised Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.   

All about PMP Certification 

You can avail of the PMP certification by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Obtaining a PMP certification requires a lot of dedicated preparation. Once you have received this certification, you will have skills in managing complex-level projects and implementing Project Management principles. You can lead your team through all the phases of Project Management.   

Organisations worldwide have a particular preference for candidates with the PMP certification in their portfolio. PMI’s survey revealed that Project Managers with the PMP certification earn 16% more wages than those without the certification. This certification will drastically increase your earning potential compared to your industry peers.   

To be eligible to write the PMP certification exam, PMI requires you to fulfil these pre-requisites: 

  1. It would help if you had a secondary education degree along with 60 months of work experience in project management. This work experience should be obtained within the last five years of applying for the PMP exam. You must also complete 35 contact hours of project management training from a PMI-approved institute or obtain a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) credential.
  2. If you don’t have a secondary certificate, you need to have a four-year degree from a technical course and 36 months of Project management work experience. You must supplement these with 35 Contact hours or a CAPM certificate. 


PMI allows you to retake the exam if you don’t fulfil these requirements. You can take the help of PMP training to obtain the required 35 contact hours and prepare for the PMP exam.  

Different Project Management Job roles and average salaries 

You need different Project Management Professionals working at various levels to deliver a project. Let’s see the different roles you can work for in a Project management career and their respective remunerations. 

Project Management rob roles  Average annual salary 
Project Manager  $91,423 
Assistant Project Manager  $78,019 
Team leads/Manager  $65,814 
Project Executive  $1,54,165 
Software Project Manager  $1,04,812 
Project Coordinator  $56,281 
Technical Project Manager  $1,12,939 
Project Delivery Manager  $1,21,692 
Business Analyst   $73,142 
Product Manager  $1,17,914 

Source – Glassdoor 

Skillset you need to be a successful Project Manager 

Adding to the skills above, Project Managers need to have excellent mathematical and communication skills – including verbal and written to become successful Project Managers. It would help if you had a good understanding of Project Management methodologies and should be able to implement them. To get on to the role of Project Manager, you will be required to have work experience in project management process areas in any role: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Evaluating, and Closing.   

By now, we have understood the benefits of taking up project management as a career and the different PMP jobs and roles you can apply for. Now let’s move on to the skillsets you will require to apply for various Project Management roles. 

  1. Good leadership and team-building skills 
  2. Top-notch communication skills, which include both verbal and written skills 
  3. Excellent presentation skills 
  4. Capability to manage both internal and external communication 
  5. Ability to perform budget management and create schedules 
  6. Expertise in Microsoft Office 
  7. Knowledge of various Project Management methodologies 
  8. Understanding of EPR implementation  
  9. Ability to manage project change requests, set project priorities and project trade-offs 
  10. Ability to identify risks and prepare mitigation plans 


This blog has given you an overview of PMP career opportunities. Ensure you attain all the eligibility conditions to write the PMP certification exam. We hope we have provided you with enough information to kick-start your journey in Project Management.