Some Trendy Food Ideas To Add To Your Wedding Menu

Some Trendy Food Ideas To Add To Your Wedding Menu

Are you confused about what food item to add and what to leave on your wedding menu? It is natural to get stuck while deciding as everyone wants to include the basic dishes and experiment with potentially better ones at the same time. Moreover, various wedding catering service providers charge you extra if you add some new dishes to the list. So, keep this thing in mind while customising the menu.

To simplify things for you, we have mentioned some trendy food ideas. You can check them out and decide on your wedding menu accordingly. So, let’s get started!

Trendy Food Ideas For Curating The Best Wedding Menu

Seafood Stall

A seafood stall will be perfect for your guests who are not interested in eating red meat. To further enhance the appearance of the stall, you can use items, like a boat, to design it. This way, not only you will be able to offer the authentic seafood taste, but also give the beach vibes.

However, to perfectly set up a themed food stall like this, you must hire an expert for event catering in Melbourne or any other city in Australia. They have experienced staff and skilled chefs who can design the stall as you have imagined.

Salad Station

A salad station is a must for your guests who are health conscious and the ones who want to have something light before the main course. So, you should pay special attention to the salad station, and add veggies in appealing colours and textures.

A good approach is to offer some ready-made salad combinations to your guests, and an option to customise their own salad bowls. Besides, keep the basic items such as spinach, romaine, etc., and the toppings like rice and vegetables. In short, be creative with the salad station, to avoid making it just another boring salad counter!


Every cocktail session is incomplete without bruschettas. They are bite-sized snacks, which traditionally include crusty bread polished with olive oil with fresh tomato pieces and sauces over them. However, like any other snack, you can change the toppings and sauces as required. All in all, bruschetta is an appealing appetiser that must be on your wedding menu

Sushi Bar

A sushi bar is the must-have food counter for your sushi-lover guests. You should provide the option to choose from multiple types of sushi to make sure you can satisfy the taste buds of everyone. This fresh and light food item will be a good addition to your wedding menu.

However, don’t forget to add vegetable sushi or similar items for the ones who are vegetarian. You can ask your event caterer to add veg. sushi to the menu. Only choose a reputable service provider for event catering in Melbourne to include new and experimental food items like this on the menu. 

Tacos Section

Everyone loves tacos, and that’s why they should be on your wedding menu. Nowadays, mini tacos are in trend which is not only adorable but also allows your guests to control their portion size. A serving of margarita with a small-sized taco is a must-have for celebrating your wedding occasion.

Traditional toppings are the best for tacos, but you can also get creative and add dessert toppings if they go well with a particular taco. Besides, don’t forget to add lemon slices to make sure your guests have that “tangy punch” with each taco!


Sliders have become common in modern-day wedding parties. They offer the same taste and texture in controlled portion sizes. For this reason, almost every individual prefers to eat them. When we talk about sliders, the first thing that comes to mind is a mini burger.

However, you can be creative and give any snack size of a bite and make your own slider. For example, if most of your guests prefer sandwiches, why not treat them to a grilled cheese slider with their favourite sauces? Similarly, you can experiment with different types of sliders as per your preferences.

Dim Sum Section

Dim Sums are food items popular in Asian countries that need no introduction. Their bite-sized shape and the variety of flavours & fillings are perfect for all your guests. They can have as much as they want with different choices.

And the best part about dim sums is that they are available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. It is common to have spicy dim sums at a stall. But you can experiment by offering something new like chocolate momos to introduce your guests to a sweet version of dim sums.

Customised Brunch Bowls

The brunch counter at your wedding can be customised in multiple ways as there are so many food items with which you can experiment. If you want to go with a traditional brunch menu, consider adding biscuits, eggs, fruit juices, jams, and other dips to the table.

Alternatively, you can experiment by letting the guests customise their own Acai berry brunch bowls in which they can have smoothies with different toppings. The toppings can include seasonal fruits, seeds, nuts, and more. Most of the dishes at the wedding are prepared while keeping the taste in mind and not health. That’s why offering a healthy brunch bowl to the guests will be a good change.

Cheese Counter

We have talked about various food items till now but what about cheese lovers? Well, you don’t need them to compromise by adding a dedicated cheese counter for them. However, different types of cheese taste best with the respective complementary food items. So, consider offering cheese with different cookies, slices of bread, fruits, veggies, etc.


The above are some trendy food items that you can consider adding to your wedding menu. Having these items will ensure that your menu suits the taste preference of every guest. However, your main focus should be on quality & taste along with offering variety in the food. Besides, discussing all the food item options with your event caterer in advance will make sure that there are no unpleasant surprises later on.