Wall Decorating Ideas for a Modern Living Room in 2021

Wall Decorating Ideas for a Modern Living Room in 2021

Furnishing living room walls is a pleasant pastime; simple objects, tiny collectibles, and various displays may help adorn your living room wall while also inspiring you to work creatively.

Wall décor ideas, with or without floating storage, inspire us. Some people will choose to display their favorite objects in the living room. Others will choose which wall to paint and decorate because they are more concerned with what their visitors would think.

Every small detail may improve the overall appearance of your space, from picking the appropriate colors to selecting eye-catching decorations to accentuate the attractiveness of the walls. We’ve compiled a list of nine such unusual living room design ideas in this post.


Family Photo Gallery Wall

Nothing adds more charm and color to a room than a family picture gallery wall. Show off a collection of family photos, or add wall hangings and other memorabilia. A collection of numerous little photos framed in diverse patterns might lead you down a path of recollections.

Clock Wall 

Clocks may be found in nearly every home. So why not make the most of it by incorporating some style and innovation? A few outstanding wall clock decoration ideas may make a significant impact on the appearance of your living space.

A three-dimensional clock may be installed on large-scale walls. If you have a tiny wall, you may easily change the clock diameter to its frameless style.

The best part about wall clock decors is that you can quickly change the appearance to match whatever concept you have in mind. You could, for example, frame it with a circular wooden frame, color the numbers, make matching artwork around it, and so on. There are various clock wall décor options.

Large Artwork

Artwork, without a question, draws attention. Allow a huge picture to be the focal point of your living room walls and see how enticing it appears to your guests. It is entirely up to you whether you choose an abstract painting or a minimalistic black and white image with a designer appeal. However, for your tiny living room wall décor, go with cheery artwork. Try a black-and-white portrait on the rear wall of the seating area, or a colorful abstract work.

A Flower Display

Most interior designers will tell you that an arrangement of fresh, vibrant flowers is one of the best ways to freshen up your house before guests arrive. Take that concept a step further by utilizing realistic-looking fake or even dried flowers as wall art. This beautiful look does more than just fill an empty wall with a chain of plants. It also successfully illuminates the area and makes it appear stylish and unexpected.

Incorporate Bookcases

Utilizing bookshelves for design purposes is a unique living-room wall décor idea. Whether the shelves are full of books, antique objects, glassware, or vases, a wall-to-wall bookshelf idea is one of the simple and most straightforward ways to make a statement and display the things you care about in your home.

Canvas Wall Art

With this stunning art, you may create an appealing ambiance in your living room. Canvas wall art is well suited and most commonly used for large living room décor.

We all enjoy surprises and gifts, and this may be a fantastic choice for Christmas, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, and many other occasions. A friend or family member will undoubtedly treasure it for a long time.

Such goods should be easy to mount on the wall because they are already hard-pressed with stretcher bars on compressed hardwood frames. It also features gallery wrapping and hooks, as well as all of the necessary add-ons that must be placed.

Open Window wall

The open Window wall is perfect for a modern style living room in any house. They all look stunning and contemporary, and most importantly, they have natural light and a beautiful view. Windows replacement is a great idea to decorate the wall of the living room in an easy way. 

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