What is Amazon Affiliate Website Development?

What is Amazon Affiliate Website Development?

We all know hitching your business website with Amazon can bring in good money. It was the idea that gave birth to the more specific website type – the Amazon-centric one. So, how can you make one for yourself? The good news is you don’t require any rocket science to create an online Amazon consultant site. It uses the same website formula: buying domain, choosing your domain hosting service provider, hiring web designer and developer, content writers, SEO experts, and digital marketers.

Amazon affiliate website development is growing in popularity among startups and companies serving customers online. The reason is its super combo action that allows a good flow of operations. You can easily create a website and affiliate your Amazon store on it. The best part is that your internet site and the eCommerce platform simultaneously work together. Hence, you are free to take care of two platforms when you can keep up with one that has it all.

Enjoying a two-in-one business inventory for your brand is a dream come true situation. Gone are the days when you had to write blogs non-stop and put in those hyperlinks to tempt readers. Now you can easily purchase professional packages for Amazon affiliate website development services online. Besides, no has one has extra time nowadays to keep up with two entirely different platforms. Below are some more solid reasons what makes an Amazon affiliate website your go-to eCommerce hub:

Some details of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website

Have you ever imagined converting your website visitors into lucrative conversions? Well now you can. An Amazon affiliate site does exactly that by monetizing the web traffic and landing them to products on the Bezos’s platform. Website owners dot in affiliate links in their blogs and articles to earn money. They automatically receive the amount whenever purchases are made on Amazon. Further, you can also personalize your text links and images. Plus, you can also embed Amazon links to your visuals.

Furthermore, you can also add these images to your blogs, create call-to-action ads, and even add links to product listings. You can also use Amazon Associates program that comprise different commission models. Choose the one that goes in harmony with your business niche or product nature. For instance, Amazon games offer a 20% commission on gaming products. So, if a person buys 50% of game products/assets, you receive 10% of the total commission.

Remember, there are some Amazon products other there that offer more to customers. These require particular actions to be taken by buyers, and only specific users qualify. For example, Amazon Prime Unlimited, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Amazon Kindle Unlimited offer free trials and incentives via your links. Hence, you are only eligible for a nominal commission of the total product price and contract.

The perks of building an Amazon Affiliate Website

Amazon joining forces with Amazon is indeed a dream come true. And why not so, since it has become your eCommerce powerhouse. Whether it’s solitary product sales, discounted articles, seasonal sales, and any other affiliation Amazon link, it offers low payout. It’s just around the 1-3% mark.

Please don’t feel downhearted because there are a few products that sell at a very high price. You acquire a decent commission after selling these rare yet profitable products. Surprisingly, you only have to see 1 or 3 items daily to cross your $100 revenue threshold. Isn’t it amazing?

Therefore, many business owners and big companies move on from Amazon affiliate programs to a full-blown website offering the same. The best reasons and benefits to own an Amazon affiliate website are as follows:

  • They are fairly simple to start, making them a perfect method to just get started and learn the ins and outs of digital marketing.
  • You can keep your focus on one platform rather than coursing through different places and user IDs.
  • In comparison to traditional websites and Amazon storefronts, affiliate websites for Amazon offer higher security.
  • Your internet business appears more real and has a definite air of professionalism.
  • Thanks to the Amazon “cookie,” you can earn money by offering items other than the one you’re actually pushing.
  • Since Amazon already possesses credibility, you do not need to perform as much “selling” on their behalf.
  • If you pick the ideal product, you’ll have a lot of opportunities.
  • Review entries are quite simple to make and can generate high web traffic.
  • If you choose the correct niche, these sites may be simple to scale.
  • Long-term potential for good extra income.

The best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes for You

Make sure you select the best WordPress for Amazon affiliate website. Although each of them is quite good, but prefer the one that sits perfectly with your business niche. Also, it is suitable for your brand requirements. Do not forget to check its current status and whether it’s a good future investment or not. The following are some of our favorite themes for you. You can install the website template after downloading or buying the premium one. Read on!

1.  REHub

This theme is a multipurpose one you can use to create a stunning Amazon affiliate website. REHub comes with a wide range of features and setting options to help you manage, add, and tweak your website content. You can easily set up your website theme with zero experience. Plus, it comes with the visual composer option. It allows you to see what your posts will look like before publishing.

2. Zeno

It helps you sell Amazon products in its online marketplace. You can easily publish an affiliate page in a few minutes. And let’s not forget the handy dashboard that allows you to obtain information on similar products.

3. Price Compare

It’s one of the most modern-looking and sleekest of Amazon affiliate website themes to date. You can create decent reviews and comparison posts. Price Compare also helps you create tables and sliders for products with a wide range of specifications. It’s a great responsive theme that allows dragging and comparison between different products.

4. Affiliate Board

The best universal affiliate website builder is here. It also comes with built-in tracking and analytics tools. Hence, it allows you to keep up with features key to your site’s affiliate marketing success.  The Affiliate Board is best known for letting you create blogging websites, landing web pages, and webinar platforms.

5. Rethink V2

A really sleek theme that is responsive and minimalistic in nature. It allows you to create outstanding review posts with its built-in evaluation options. Rethink V2, as the name suggests, is pretty fast and responsive. It also loads on different screens according to the screen resolution size.

Ending Note

To conclude, we can easily defend Amazon affiliate websites against Amazon affiliate programs. The latter offers no financial security as it is owned by Amazon or a third-party agency. On the other hand, an Amazon-oriented website pays in full to site owners without keeping a certain amount. Another great benefit of these sites is their reciprocal relationship with Amazon; it receives commission in full. Let’s not forget: Amazon affiliate websites have the 2-in-1 nature that helps you save precious time. Overall, this website is a far better option than affiliate programs with hidden policies – and commission cuts.