What’s More Important: A Life of Luxury or Practicing Humility?

What’s More Important: A Life of Luxury or Practicing Humility?

In America and everywhere, people have a universal goal of becoming wealthy enough to live the life they imagine.

Toxic beliefs such as “living in luxury” equal happiness and that you need a high-paying profession to achieve social status are widespread. As a result, many of us are left wondering, what matters in this life? Comfort or modesty?

The quality of life and the things we value as humans have shifted significantly with the advent of social media. Pictures of celebrities’ mansions worldwide, videos of their glamorous holidays, and links to where to buy the latest runway fashions can all be accessed with a few taps on our smartphones.

Everyone wants the latest Supreme t-shirt, the most costly Mercedes, or to save up their entire lives to purchase the priciest home on the market. But why is it so remarkable to live a lavish lifestyle? That gorgeous Instagram feed of yours? Don’t you need to display the expensive items that are not needed? Living humbly, as opposed to extravagantly, has its advantages.

Our culture has completely lost sight of what it is to live a modest but fulfilling life. Humility is crucial in today’s society. Humans today rarely display the quality of being grounded in reality and maintaining a sense of modesty.

People have become nasty to those they deem “beneath” them due to their lifestyle choices and the current obsession with having the finest of everything.

It’s become socially unacceptable to own a moderately sized home, a few years old cars, or moderately priced clothing. However, the truth is that such folks are happier and healthier than the affluent.

To be happy, one doesn’t want expensive clothing, flashy accessories, or grand travel plans. These things are good to have but are not required for happiness or success.

In a world where everyone is constantly trying to one-up one another, it’s more crucial than ever to remain humble and authentic no matter how high you rise in the professional world.

Importance of Luxury in Today’s Time

Luxury has become more essential, and as a result, we have forgotten what it is like to be polite to the people around us simply.

Sadly, nowadays, many care about how others perceive them and would do anything to get their desired status. If you want to be happy and modest, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on anything. However, one’s existence entails more than that.

Choosing to work in a field you enjoy, treating others with kindness and modesty, and never letting success or anything else in life make you arrogant is already a massive step in the right direction.

The millions of individuals who document their lives in their expensive homes, flashy cars, and exotic vacations on social media can look down on the life you’ve chosen for yourself.

Think about how many social media postings you see daily that are nothing but someone flaunting their lavish lifestyle. It would be futile to attempt to enumerate them all. The “perfect” lives of celebrities, from YouTubers to actors to musicians, permeate social media. A non-categorical post or person, however, is highly uncommon.

Being humble is crucial to not only getting along in society but also to being happy and healthy. It’s essential to weigh the costs and benefits of significant decisions like buying a new Gucci watch or changing majors to get a higher-paying job that you don’t enjoy.

After a few days, weeks, or years, what impact will those decisions and purchases have? Do they represent genuine luxury, or are they merely status symbols? Maintain your modesty no matter what happens. The world needs more humble people.