Why Should One Have a Pulse Oximeter at Home?

Why Should One Have a Pulse Oximeter at Home?

Without any doubt, it is fair to say that the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the lives of all. From schooling, and job to shopping everything has changed. While there is a shortage of certain things like wipes, and toiletries, some other items like yoga mats have become popular. 

One such item that has grown in demand is a pulse oximeter. While some people know of its benefits, some are totally unaware. Wondering what it exactly is? What are its uses? Is it really necessary to have one? With all these, here is everything you need to know about pulse oximeters. 

What is a Pulse Oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is an electronic device that is used to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation in one’s red blood cells. The device is clipped onto a patient’s finger to assess patients with lung disease. Simply put, the device helps in providing valuable information about a person’s health or diseases like respiratory illness. 

Upon snugly inserting your finger, it immediately illuminates with numbers showing your blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. Besides, the device also helps by showing your heart rate.

How to Take a Reading on Pulse Oximeter?

Both inpatients and outpatients may benefit from pulse oximetry. In some cases, your doctor could advise getting a pulse oximeter for use at home. So if you’re planning to buy one, you must be wondering how to use it. Aren’t you? So to use a pulse oximeter, follow these steps :

  • If you’re taking a measurement from this spot, take off any jewellery or nail polish from your finger.
  • If you decide to attach the device here, make sure your hand is comfortable, warm, and at or below heart level.
  • Then put the gadget on your toe, earlobe, or finger.
  • As long as necessary, keep the gadget on to keep an eye on your pulse and oxygen saturation.
  • After the test is over, remove the gadget.
  • Now your finger’s blood will be illuminated by tiny light beams that as a result measures the amount of oxygen present.

Do you really need a Pulse Oximeter at Home?

Along with other health issues, people these days mostly visit hospitals for issues like low oxygen levels. As a result, more and more people are at risk for severe complications and death. And for this reason, having a device to help alert you for early precautions is the best option. 

In such situations, what can be better than a pulse oximeter? It is a simple home gadget, with endless benefits. So if you’re considering whether you should really buy it? Then the answer is simply yes. Wondering why? To help you understand better, here are the top reasons why having a pulse oximeter at home is a smart move :

  • Precise Readings

In as little as 10 seconds, finger pulse oximeters may precisely estimate your blood oxygen saturation levels. With the outcomes neatly displayed on a sizable LED screen that is easy to read, it can help in emergency situations. 

Health professionals can decide whether additional testing or treatment is necessary when results are immediately available. Therefore, having it at home can help in quicker treatments, and potentially serious medical complications may be avoided.

  • Easy to Use

Because the pulse oximeter is simple to use, many people use one at home to check their health. It is a little medical gadget that is attached to the finger with a clip. Being simple is yet another benefit.  

Once the device is in place, the amount of oxygen carried by the blood is measured without any discomfort. They are an effective noninvasive tool for patient monitoring because they are also reasonably priced.

  • Good Investment

Patients and medical professionals can benefit from the development of cutting-edge medical monitoring devices like the finger pulse oximeter. Simply put, it is a good investment as it helps in extended observation, greater prevention of disease, enhanced remote surveillance, more accurate medical judgments, effortless working as well as lower expenses for healthcare. 

  • Early Detection

Another reason why one should have a pulse oximeter at home is that it provides early detection. For instance, if the blood oxygen levels are low, the device can provide an early warning sign. As a result, it also helps health practitioners to understand information quickly. 

  • Feedback

For those with conditions that impact oxygen saturation, pulse oximeters are helpful. For instance, a sleep expert would advise using a pulse oximeter to check a person’s oxygen saturation level at night if they have sleep apnea or loud snoring. The effectiveness of breathing interventions like oxygen therapy and ventilators can also be evaluated using pulse oximeters.

Are there any risks Involved in Using Pulse Oximeter?

Wondering if there any risks involved in using pulse oximeters? Devices for measuring pulse oximeters are non-invasive and pose no major dangers. However, some people may feel small skin sensitivity and redness as minor irritations. Besides, Pulse oximeters may prevent blood vessels in the area from receiving oxygen if they are fitted snugly and worn for a long time. 

Another risk of using a pulse oximeter is that it can provide false measurements. The fit of pulse oximeters is crucial for accuracy, and even little adjustments to their location can result in misreadings. 

Rolling over while sleeping could loosen the gadget and result in a false warning. Therefore, anyone who feels tingling, numbness, or changes in their skin tone should call their doctor right once. Additionally, people who use pulse oximeters should talk to their doctor about the risks and keep track of their readings over time.

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