Women’s Halloween Costumes for 2022: 5 Best Choices

Women’s Halloween Costumes for 2022: 5 Best Choices

Well, if it isn’t that time of the year. The time when you can turn into your favorite character from your favorite movie or a tv show or your favorite book. It is that time of the year when you can be whoever you want to be. So, what are you waiting for? Get that Pumpkin and some treats out and spend this Halloween in full swing. And yeah, don’t worry about your Halloween costume, as we have gathered a list that will help you plenty if you are someone who hasn’t decided what to wear this spooky season. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Crazy Head

So, we have all heard of Harley Quinn, right? We have all heard about her mad ventures, how she took over the world by storm with villainous laughter, and her wicket acts. One thing about her that intrigues everyone is that most of the time, what she does, she does it in the name of love. The love she has for Joker, and that kind of love, that kind of madness, can only be driven by love like no other, and Harley Quinn has proven that love of such kind exists and thrives in such minds.

Well, aren’t we getting off the track here? Alright, so the point was that most of the ladies out there are rather fascinated with Harley Quinn and want to dress like her. So, ladies with a bit of craze here’s some good news for you. Dress like Harley Quinn this Halloween and get that action in check with your madness.

The Blood Sucker

Well, the night is dark but having a sexy vampire by your side, protecting you, can make it a little more bearable. Nonetheless, if you’re not someone who likes a protector on her side and wants to be the protector herself, here’s an idea for you. Grab for yourself a nice-looking Vampire Costume and gracefully flaunt that blood-sucking hottie attire.

But the question remains: which one of the vampires are you looking to be this spooky season? Are you a fan of True blood? Are you into those straight-faced Cullens? Or an overdramatic Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries? Or are you into the old school Vampire with a fancy dress on? Well, it is up to you, to be honest. You can be whoever you want, according to your desire.

The Disney Sensation

If it isn’t one of our guilty pleasures. There is no doubt in admitting that the Disney fever has been taking over the industry for a long time and is still going. Ever since we were kids, our parents, society, and pretty much everyone around us have made us fall in love with the characters of Disney. In many senses, it can be said that Disney defined beauty in a rather fictional manner and not something realistic. But we’re fine with that. Many of us tend to live in a fantasy world, not caring about what everyone thinks, and to be fair, Disney has somewhat inspired that notion for all the right reasons.

Disney made us believe that even after all the cruelty and destruction in the world, love still prevails. Even after every hopelessness that comes our way, one way or another, things do work out in the end. Disney helped us believe in the unbelievable and made our lives easier than the day before. Disney made us believe that being a girl doesn’t make you weak. Instead, it makes you strong. Strong enough to face everything that comes your way.

After all of this, it becomes quite the desire to dress like a Disney Princess, and Halloween presents the opportunity to become one. So, be it Snow White, Cinderella, or Jasmine, you can now grab one of your favoriteĀ costumesĀ and turn yourself into your childhood fantasy this coming Halloween.

The Mad Queen

Well, before season 8 came out, we didn’t even know who the mad queen was because the main lead was never portrayed as one. But suddenly, everything changed. Everything changed, and we were all shocked. There it was. Following her father’s lead, Daenerys Targaryen burnt the King’s landing and didn’t leave a single soul to tell the tale. A tragedy, indeed. Well, we all saw it long before the final season came out.

It was just our love for the character that was clouding our judgment. Love that some of us still carry in our hearts even after all she did and even after all these years. That love also makes us want to dress like Daenerys and possess the authority she had over almost everyone. And, Halloween is the best chance we have to become the most loved villain of all time. So, grab your favorite Mad Queen costume (as she has many), and let the Westeros fear your existence.

The She-Hulk

Over the years, Marvel has worked quite much on their female characters, and one can say there is evident progress that needs to be taken seriously. Of course, there are still some missing things that the Superhero franchises need to work on for the female leads, but there is no denying that betterment is noticeable.

Anyway, let’s talk about the character here. This is probably the first time we get an entire show dedicated to a female as an actual lead, not somebody used as eye candy. Well, she is eye candy, but that is not the point. She has been turned into one of the most powerful Superheroes ever to exist, and we are nothing but rooting for her. She isn’t the big green monster we have heard about. Instead, she is the funniest, wittiest, and above all, an attorney at law. Well, not to mention quite deadly also, if crossed. What more can you ask for in a Superhero?