Wooden Double Bed and Other Sizes You Should Know

Wooden Double Bed and Other Sizes You Should Know

When you talk of furnishing a home, the bed is usually the first piece of furniture to invest in. Beds can be of many different styles and sizes. For your master bedroom, you’re probably looking for a wooden double bed. Single beds are typically used only in children’s rooms. The style is what will set the tone not only of your bedroom but also your entire home. But, before you look at designs and styles, you should make a note of the different sizes of beds so that you can choose the appropriate size for your bedroom.

Double beds

A double bed is the most compact sizes for a bed to be shared by 2 people. These beds are usually around four and a half to five feet wide. They may be a little cramped for two adults. In most cases, a double bed can be shared by two children or it can be placed in a teenager’s room as his/her bed. A double bed can also be shared by an adult and a child.

Queen beds

Queen beds are a common choice for compact bedrooms. The width of this bed can range from five feet to five and a half feet. The length is usually standardized at six feet. Queen beds are ideal for guest bedrooms. Two adults with a small to medium frame can share a Queen bed quite comfortably. However, if you also want to share your bed with a child, this could get uncomfortable.

King beds

King beds are the best choice for a master bedroom. These beds are about six feet wide and six feet long. King sized beds are great for two adults as well as two adults and a child. The only drawback to this bed size is that today’s compact bedrooms don’t always have enough space to fit a king sized bed. For the master bedroom, you also need bedside tables on either side of the bed. These tables are usually about eighteen inches wide. This means that the width of your room needs to be at least nine feet. For the room to have a comfortable layout, you may want a little more space on either side of the bed.

California king bed

When it comes to a wooden double bed, a California king bed is the biggest standard size. A California King bed is about six and a half feet wide and six and a half feet long. The extra six inches may not seem like much but it makes the bed more comfortable for taller people. To have a California king bed in your room, you need to have a large, spacious bedroom. Else, your bed will almost touch the walls on either side and look cramped. For this reason, this is not a very commonly found bed size.

Choosing the right bed for your home

When we talk of bed sizes, the reference is usually to the mattress that will fit it. This is the length and breadth. You also need to take into account the mattress height of the bed, i.e. the height of the top of the mattress from the floor and the headboard height. Mattress heights are usually about eighteen or nineteen inches. Less than this or more than this will make it uncomfortable to get in and out of bed. The headboard height doesn’t influence ergonomics so much but it does affect the look of the bed and your room. A tall headboard takes up more visual space and thus is suitable for large rooms while a lower headboard is better suited for compact rooms.

Then there’s the way the style of the bed influences the size of the bed. Ornate classic beds tend to have a heavy frame that takes up more space in the room. Similarly, if you’re looking at headboards, an upholstered headboard may look bigger than a solid wooden headboard.

Always invest in solid wood beds:

You must also look carefully at the wood used to make the bed. Always invest in solid wood beds. These are durable and will last you a lifetime. On the other hand, beds made from engineered wood may be cheaper but they are not as durable. There are many different types of wood that can be used to make a wooden double bed. Pine wood and mango wood is cheaper while teak wood and rose wood are much more expensive.

The difference lies in the strength  of the wood as well as the grain pattern. Make sure you shop for a bed from a reputed wooden furniture store that knows how to choose wood for furniture as well as knows how to treat wood. Wood must be dried to remove excess moisture and it must be treated for protection from pests. In short, always shop for furniture from brands that you know are reliable and trustworthy.