Fix Word Document Won’t Open in the Program You Expect in 2021

Fix Word Document Won’t Open in the Program You Expect in 2021

If Your Word document won’t open? No matter what should you do? If yes, then you come on the right page as I will explain the whole procedure in detail. We shall start? 

Microsoft Word is one of the most major applications which is often used by most people. It  contains crucial information related to the organization. Many times, It becomes impossible to Strikethrough Google Docs, open a file, or an attachment in an email or the file doesn’t open in the program that you want to do.

To support this statement, I will provide an example – Sometimes an MS Word document does not open in MS Word but It will be easily opened in another program. This type of problem mostly occurs because of the file associations for that program being wrong. One can fix this problem by correcting the files for the program by mending Office or Office program, or through regserver command.

Note– Make sure to have a Precise program to be installed for the file association. That can be verified by searching the file name extension.

This is the major concern as it can be difficult to restore information from Word documents by using these steps are:-

Why Won’t Word Document Open?

  1. In a networking environment, documents are unable to open due to issues related to permission or file sharing. Even in networking or stand-alone, documents are unable to open due to the corrupted data file. And the file is loaded from a corrupted or damaged floppy disk.
  2. In a networking environment, Ms word locks data files on a network to avoid them from being modified by more users at the same time. This will prevent users from file alteration at the same time, which can lead to confusion and data loss.

Manual Methods to Fix Word Document won’t open

Method 1: Retrieve Office or the Office program

When you retrieve Office, the exact file association will re-associate with the corresponding Office program. To retrieve Office or the Office program, follow these steps:

  • First off, close all Office programs and stop all anti-viruses to stop
  • Then, click on Start, tap Run, and type appwiz.cpl then press ENTER key
  • Now, Ms  Office or the Office program click on Change/Remove and the Setup will start by default.
  • Now, Click on Repair Office (or Word Repair) in the Setup program

Remember – The Setup program will be operated the functions:

  • Examine the installed files
  • Retrieve or install any files from the previous version of Office that are incorrect in size are damaged or lost.
  • Once you retrieve Office or the Office program, allow all the anti-virus software that you had stopped..

Method 2: By using regserver command to re-register the Office program

The regserver command can be used to re-register itself and take the exit. One can use this command while rewriting all the program’s registry keys and re-associate the program together with the common program files. To perform this write the right file association information in the Windows registry,execute these steps:

Remember– The program.exe acts as a placeholder for the program file that you need to re-register. If you have already installed Office to another site, then use these instructions are as : 

  • First off, exit the program that you want to re-register
  • Then, click on Start, tap Run, type program.exe /unregserver in the Open box and press the ENTER key.
  • Final step, click on  Start, tap Run, type program.exe /regserver in the Open box and press ENTER key.

Though, this method doesn’t work on MS Outlook. In this condition, you can choose an alternative approach.


I have provided you with all information to solve the word document that won’t open issues. Users are free to use any procedure given above it. If the Word file won’t open. If they find any difficulty then opt for an alternative procedure. Thanks for reading.